Foundation TnW

The ‘Return to Westerbork’ Foundation is the driving force behind the ‘Return to Westerbork’ project.

The board of the foundation consists of:

  • Bert Bouwmeester – chairman
  • Pia Niemeijer – secretary
  • Herman Sietsma – treasurer
  • Drs Hélène Briaire – general member
  • Gretha Boels- generla member
  • Gert Jan Jacobs – general member

The Back to Westerbork Foundation runs entirely on the efforts of volunteers. In addition to the board members, project leaders and volunteers work on the design, elaboration and implementation of the plans.

The aim of the foundation is to ensure that the awareness that peace and freedom cannot be taken for granted remains alive. The Foundation wants to ensure that the memories and stories from the Second World War are passed on to the younger generations.