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Björn Thümler

Minister for Science and Culture in Niedersachsen

Our German patron is Mr. Björn Thümler. He wholeheartedly supports the Return to Westerbork project.

It is with conviction and pleasure that I accept the patronage of the activities of Stichting ‘Terug naar Westerbork’ in 2020 to commemorate the end of the Second World War 75 years ago.

Her committed project is primarily aimed at children and young people, in order to make the value of peace and, above all, the value of a united Europe, tangible for them.

I am very grateful to you for that, because the value of Europe cannot be overstated. Thanks to the successful political work of the past decades, we live in peace and prosperity.

That is why your project, which makes it possible to experience the horrors of National Socialism, the horrors of war and the great favor of the following decades in a united Europe, is currently very important.

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